I don’t remember the first moment I was introduced to the idea of wellness.  It was something that was always an instinct for me, but had never been put into words. Even as a child, I knew plants could provide healing, when I would crush up plantains from my yard to put on my scraped knees.  In college, I was a student of biology, so it seems natural that as I learned about how our bodies work at a molecular level, questions about herbal and naturopathic medicine crystallized in my mind, and from there I leapt headfirst into the world of wellness. This field encompasses so much more than medicine, yet in a way it’s all medicine.  Caring for your body, your mind, and your spirit, is powerfully healing. When I focused my diet to clean whole foods, when I removed as many harmful chemicals from my routine as possible, when I sat with myself and got to know my inner truth, I felt happy and radiant.  Bright.

My goal here is share that insight, to help make wellness accessible, and to dispel the misconception that it’s not for everyone.  I think it can seem daunting to incorporate wellness practices into your life, since it really is a lifestyle more than a hobby.  And to a certain extent, there’s a degree of mystery and inaccessibility for many people. Not only can the perception of wellness practices be “that’s a load of hippy dippy pseudoscience,” but maintaining a healthy and clean environment can be expensive.  

Firstly, being a student of science, I care about maintaining the scientific integrity of my practices.  I want to know why and how something works, not just do a face mask because I feel like it’s pulling “toxins” and “impurities” from my skin.  That’s why I’ll never feed you a bunch of vague hippy mumbo jumbo, and I’ll always back up what I tell you with science.

Secondly, I get that this lifestyle can be expensive.  Who has the money to eat bushels of fresh strawberries every day in summer? Not me, and not a lot of young people just building their careers.  In a society that values selling a cheap product and getting you hooked on sugar and MSG to keep you buying, it is more expensive to eat healthfully than consume processed “food.” I can’t tell you how many of my friends live off frozen pre-cooked chicken nuggets.  

But it doesn’t have to be that way!  I hope that the tips, suggestions, and examples that I share here can help to inspire you to find ways to incorporate wellness into your life, no matter what your budget.  Welcome to this space of inspiration, and enjoy!

Live Brightly,