Mermaid Mask


DIY Moisturizing Mermaid Mask

Ah, February. The month when you really start to pine after spring, but winter keeps bludgeoning you in the face with its cold wind and freezing rain. As long as we’re staying inside, why not treat ourselves to a spa treatment? I know my face could use a bit of a rescue these days, and it lifts my spirits out of the gloomy weather to spend a little time on myself.

I love this face mask for so many reasons! First of all, I look like a sea creature when I spread this velvety green mousse over my skin, and who doesn’t want to look like a mermaid?! Second of all, the ingredients in this mask help to rescue my skin from the winter’s harsh effects.  It moisturizes and soothes, which I desperately need when my skin is dry and irritated.  It’s so soothing, in fact, that when I wipe the mask off all of the redness in my face is completely gone.  I kid you not; I kind of lost my mind the first time I experienced that.

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