15 Ways to Make 2017 the Best Year Ever

Year 2017

Just saying the words “twenty seventeen” brings a smile to my face.  There is seldom a year I am eager to bid farewell, but 2016 needed to go.  Although it was a painful time in my personal life, the transition to the New Year has brought growth and discovery.  I feel revitalized, and I can see the world opening up all around, like flowers blooming and ready to be plucked.  As soon as January 1 came, one word resounded loudly and warmly in my mind: rebirth.  I am ready to take hold of this year and let myself become everything I want to be. And maybe that’s why I’m starting this blog.  It’s time to start taking charge of my life and accomplishing the things I’ve wanted to for so long.  It’s going to be a bright era in my life, and I can’t wait!

In the spirit of self nourishment and rebirth, here are my goals for 2017:

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